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What’s the Connection Between Red Light Therapy And Tanning Salons?

As people become increasingly aware of how dangerous tanning is and not only increases the risk of skin cancer but also promotes premature skin ageing, tanning beds take the opportunity to offer a solution to the damage caused by tanning beds. By offering red light therapy to their clients, they hope to attract healthy men and women looking for ways to improve their skin.

Low-level laser therapy has the ability to turn your hand back in time, restoring and healing the skin. Scientifically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (the two main proteins in the body) while making skin look younger and more active.

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When avid tanners discover that their skin has lost its glow and youthful radiance and that lines and wrinkles are etched into the skin, they desperately need a way to improve their skin, and tanning beds around the world are listening.

However, there are doubts whether this converted bed is effective due to the fact that incandescent lamps are used as a form of light. Many believe that red light bulbs are not as effective as red LEDs (LEDs).

Designing a bed with LEDs is too expensive, and most red light therapy beds are made of red light bulbs similar to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. There are no studies showing the use of light bulbs, while on the other hand there is a large number of studies showing the effectiveness of LEDs.