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Things to do in Case Youve Lied in a Resume

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There are times where some candidates lie a few things mentioned on their resumes and begin to worry. A series of questions floats around in their mind such as can I get caught? What will happen if I get caught? What do I do now? Lying first of all is considered to be a bad thing for a lot of reasons. And in case you do get caught, then you never know the consequences. Therefore, if there comes a time where you have lied in your resume, do these things.

  1. Update your Resume – Updating your resume is a great way to ensure you come clean. Since you have lied, there is no guarantee whether or not you get a job or even the offer letter. Updating your resume with the correct details is one thing however, make sure you tell the employer about a few errors you noticed and offer them the correct one.
  2. Tell the truth – This one takes guts to spill the truth. However, it is always wise to tell the employer about the lies you may have mentioned in your resume. You will not get the job however it takes the worries away from your mind.
  3. Don’t Do Anything – Another option you have is to keep your mouth shut and avoid doing anything. This is a risk since there are chances of you getting fired in the future once the company starts to speak to your previous job references mentioned on the resume.

Another thing to do is to get valid corporate resume template free and then use it on your resume.