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Theme Birthday Party For Girls

Children love having a birthday party with a theme and all the decoration characters they choose.

There are many popular themes and the following list may give you some ideas for your girl child's next party. You can also choose the party planner and birthday party packages to plan a birthday party.

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Dora the Explorer

This is a very popular theme for little girls. A great theme for a birthday party will be a birthday party complete with a piñata Spain. Children can have fun with a sombrero party which is played like musical chairs.  


Every little girl loves Barbie. This party theme can be a party makeover. The birthday girl will have loads of fun like going to his friends when they dress up like Barbie with real make-up as well.

All little girls can have a makeover. Of course, there are many Barbie games that can be played like a treasure hunt for Barbie


The birthday girl can come dressed as Tinkerbelle. A tent in the backyard remained like a fairy castle will be a great addition to a party. It would also allow space girl to sprinkle fairy dust as they play. The game adapted to the fairy theme such as tags are very popular for this party.

High School Musical

The theme for the birthday party will be for your children are older as a pre-teen. You do not need to provide games as you do for younger children. Providing all their favorite snacks like chips and dips and finger foods. Children this age love to snack.