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The electric heating throat massage feature

Electric massage to warm up the throat is a useful tool. This collar-shaped device works on three principles: heat therapy, vibratory massage, and electrical stimulation. You can place it on the back of your neck to help relax the inflamed neck muscles. You can use this device whatever your job is. Tell us more about that. To discover more details about neck massager you may check here

The electric heating throat massage feature

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A heated neck massage is an ideal choice for most neck therapists. You use the remote control to control the device. Products are usually 6.9 cm long, 5.7 cm wide and 2.4 cm high. It weighs only 1 kg.

Vibration mode

This product offers 6 vibration modes that you can use to relax your muscles. You can set the mode to suit your needs. These vibrations increase blood flow to your muscles.

This device has two metal wires to generate a strong electrical impulse. Also, the conductors transmit harmless low-frequency electrical impulses. Once the blood flows in the muscles increases, you will feel relaxed.

Far infrared

This technology is also part of the heating neck massage. Heat is generated by two elements of the device. And that's thanks to Far Infra-Red. When the heat penetrates your neck muscles, you feel immensely relieved.


Although you can use this device to relieve muscle pain or tension, you should consult your doctor before using it, especially if you have a pacemaker. The electrical impulses that act during a massage can harm you when using a pacemaker. We, therefore, recommend that you consult your doctor.