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The Best Pool Safety Cover For Your Home

With installing a new pool in your yard great responsibility comes in regards to caring for it and keeping everyone around it safe. One of the best safety measures you can take that also keeps your pool a little cleaner is a pool safety cover. There are several pool cover options to choose from, and each has a unique characteristic that might perfectly fit your needs.

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Solar Pool Cover

Though this is a light and flimsy material, a solar pool cover is great for keeping your pool cleaner from debris as well as keeping the water warmer. This is the most commonly used cover.

The downfall with this sort of cover is that absolutely no weight can be held by it. If a child were to step on a solar cover, he/she would likely get wrapped up in it which would be very dangerous. The best way to keep your pool safe if you have this sort of cover is to have a fence and pool alarm for your swimming pool.

Net Pool Covers

This is a step up from solar covers in regards to safety because this sort of cover isn't supposed to give way with weight. However, while a net can provide a safer cover, there's more chance for debris and bugs to get in your pool because of the small openings. While net covers are more secure, they still shouldn't be walked on, especially by little children, because appendages could get stuck in the small holes.

Net covers, however, can be combined with other materials like a solar cover or plastic as a means to keep debris out.