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The Best Of Vintage Tee Shirts

Stop buying vintage Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts. Have you ever noticed that you are wearing the exact same thing as everyone else around you? Not to mention they are overrated and boring.

Large corporate stores are great for some basic items like jeans or shirts, but your t-shirt collection should be something personal and not a feature of what Gap sells.

vintage rap tees are made when you find a great shirt that you can find in your parents' old wardrobe or at a flea market. There are great finds in every jewelry store. You never know what a classic shirt has been thrown away by someone who has no respect for pop culture. 

Visit some thrift stores and stroll through the options. You'll see a lot of things don't work, but a good invention will set your wardrobe and sense of style apart from the rest.

Other gold mines are antique shops and flea markets. You have to find something that you like and that is unique. There are tons of great inventions waiting to be discovered and if they fail, you only have $1.50 left.

Always pay attention to classic concert t-shirts. Even if the band was evil at the time, it's retro and will make your parents feel old. Also, pay attention to companies or logos that were popular at the time but are being removed. Just like classic cars, these will never go out of style.

However, when looking for your wardrobe, try to be original and stay away from what everyone has found or can buy when it goes on sale. Your outfit says a lot about you, so be sure to add your own accent.