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Choosing the Right Size Indoor Umbrella Stand

For generations, umbrella stands have graced the entrance of homes and public spaces. Umbrella stands can be used to store umbrellas wet and dry. They also protect floors from accidental falls or slippage. 

Although homeowners may have used basic storage devices such as milk cans or buckets to store umbrellas, they might not complement the entranceway's appearance. If you are looking for umbrella stands, you can visit

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Umbrella Stand Materials

Because of their beauty and versatility, copper or brass umbrella holders have been a favorite choice of homeowners for many years. You can find brass and copper umbrella holders in high-quality mirror finishes muted antique finishes and textured or hand-hammered designs. 

Copper and brass are highly resistant to corrosion, which means they can be used for many years without worrying about rust. Ceramic and porcelain are also popular choices for umbrella holders. There are many options for finishes when it comes to ceramic stands. 

Glazed ceramic materials can withstand years without fading or degrading and are practically rustproof. To avoid breaking umbrellas, ensure that the stand's diameter and weight are adequate to prevent accidental tipping. 

How to choose the best stand size

A holder measuring eight inches in diameter is sufficient to store four umbrellas for small apartments or homes. A holder of 9 inches diameter is popular for home or office use. It can store between 4 and 7 umbrellas, depending on how tightly they are wrapped. 

A holder with a diameter of 10 inches or more is required for larger offices. A stand with a greater diameter will resist tip-over, as a rule of thumb. For public areas, a stand with a diameter of nine inches or more is the best.