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Quick Tips to Help Your Child Beat Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking and finger sucking are common habits among many children. In fact, nearly one-third of all children suck their thumb or fingers in the first year of their life. Although it was funny and entertaining, thumb sucking can have many different consequences also.

Thumb Sucking Can Cause Oral Health Problems

Unfortunately, thumb sucking can cause a lot of problems that negatively affect oral development of how the teeth fit together. Thumb sucking can cause open bite, in which the top and bottom teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed. To help them stop this habit, you can visit the amazon Uk website and purchase thumb sucking prevention devices online.

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What Causes Thumb Sucking?

Boredom, anxiety, anger, hunger, or even sadness can all cause children to suck their fingers for comfort. Children mostly suck their thumb or finger for comfort and self-soothing.

Quick Tips to Defeat Thumb Sucking

Ideally, we recommend children to quit their thumb-sucking habit around the age of four. Children beyond this age are usually able to understand how and why you want them to stop sucking their thumbs.

Identify their Thumb Sucking Triggers

The first step to prevent thumb sucking is to find out what triggers your child sucking their fingers. If you can identify it, then you can help them adapt their behavior with positive reinforcement, or prepare them for the next time the situation.


A great way to work on thumb sucking is by intervening when your child is in the act. When you see them sucking their thumb or finger, gently remind them to stop.

Can Thumb-Sucking Damage Children’s Teeth?

Have you ever wondered when your child should stop sucking their thumbs? Have you ever wondered if the thumb or finger-sucking toddlers tooth decay? Both as a mother and a dentist, this is a question I too have to ask. The answer to this is yes and no. Many toddlers love the convenience of the thumb or finger sucking presents.

They feel safe, secure and comforted by this act small, seemingly harmless. They often feel so comforted by it that we, as parents, are more concerned about making them stop than the potential damage it can cause. Especially since we know that the process is likely to be full of fury and more sleepless nights. You can also pop over this website to get the best thumb sucking guards to stop thumb sucking.

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The thumb and finger sucking can be safe for teeth toddlers up to a certain age range. In general, the thumb or finger sucking is safe until about the age of four. Children who suck their thumbs or fingers will get what they usually call the public "against the teeth."

If the thumb sucking is stopped before the age of four, generally the teeth will return to their normal place in the mouth and looks less "fight." However, as the child grows older, the teeth move less easily and therefore cannot be returned to its original position.  Because of the permanent teeth in gear following the pattern of a toddler, then they will usually go in where the baby teeth.