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All About Self Tan Cream

Self-tan cream is just another term for indoor tan lotion, self-tanner, or fake tan lotion. Regardless of the designation, the main effect is pretty much the same because all formulas contain an active ingredient making the color of the skin darken. The tanning process occurs much faster in comparison to natural tanning processes because the melanin is differently impacted.

A self-tan cream penetrates the first layers of the epidermis, therefore, this superficial shield gets a nice color, but in the meantime is prone to exfoliation. Since all superficial skin cells turn eventually into dead skin, the fake tan loses gradually its pigment and in less than a week, users who have applied a self tanning products on their skin regain their natural skin color.

Even though, the tanning process by means of artificial components without getting exposed to UV rays cannot be considered a natural process, the final effect, or what we call fake tan or sunless tan it has a natural hue. Of course, each self-tan cream has its own efficacy when it comes to natural-looking skin.

Moreover, according to customers' preferences, they can choose from mild formulas, regular hues, or very dark colors. Mild formulas do not produce a striking effect and are usually recommended for light skin. As for the second and the third category, such formulas have an intense action and are mainly purchased by clients who prefer a very dark skin tone.

As the designation suggests, a self-tan cream serves a tanning process that can be performed at home. It goes without saying that the greatest challenge for those who are willing to reach an even flawless tan, is definitely the artfulness to apply evenly the tanning lotion.

Since many consider that's pretty difficult, they reorient towards professional solutions, more precisely, towards beauty salons providing high-quality tanning services. Professionals make use of advanced technologies which literally spray a special formula, this time a colorless liquid also based on DHA.