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Benefits Of Rock Revetment Wall

Revetment walls are permanent structures designed to prevent shoreline erosion. By definition, a revetment is a protective covering on an embankment of earth designed to maintain the slope or to protect it from erosion.

Revetments are sloping structures comprised of various layers of large stone and geotextiles placed on banks and shorelines used to prevent shoreline loss. In some situations rock revetments are the only form of erosion protection that you can install; it is the only long-term solution. If you also own waterfront property, then you must visit for rock revetment construction services.

Some of the advantages of rock revetment walls are:

  • Absorb wave energy
  • Effective for generations
  • Protects the Great Lakes’ sand-bars and beaches from long-term damage
  • Assures natural beaches will re-form when water levels drop again
  • Can be cost-effective compared to other techniques
  • Great for protecting lakeshore assets, like homes on Lake Michigan

The purpose of all retaining walls is to hold soil behind them. However, the specific needs will vary depending on the project. Walls can range from small landscape stone walls to surround a garden to enormous soil-retaining projects along a highway.

Also, revetment costs are mainly dependent on the dimensions and material used. Some constructions can provide an unlimited life expectancy while other, smaller-scale rip-rap slopes will need regular maintenance.