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Basics of Shopify Tag Filtering

Shopify's default search bar does not offer a tag option. To search for products that have tags, labels, or transfers you must follow specific procedures. Once you're done tagging you can use them to organize everything on Shopify. Customers won't be able to see tags.

However, the store will use tags for product categories to make it easier for customers. Expertrec smart search bars simplify the process and make it easier to use tags to achieve optimal search results. You can avail the benefits of best Shopify product filter app to enhance the visibility of your website.

To implement a tag filtering function, you can loop through all product tags in the collection. This can be done by using all tags attributes of the collection object.

Each tag's current tag's object can be checked and a link generated to add or remove it. You can use tags to group items and filter or make bulk changes in the sections below. 

Search for products during the summer season using the "Summer" tag from your Products page. You can then use bulk actions to hide them from sales channels.

These are the steps to create Shopify filter results by tags:

 Use Expertrec Shopify's Search Bar App

1. Download the Expertrec smart searching bar from Shopify.

2. After installing the app, you'll be directed to your control panels where you can enable your search engine. Toggling the enabled search extension will turn it on by default.

3. After the app has been installed, you'll be able to see your search bar change with filters and facets on the search results pages. You will also be able to add a search dropdown in your existing search box.