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Choose Solar Pool Covers For Your Home in Canada

It's spring and many homeowners are considering opening their pools for the season. Did you know that with a solar pool cover you can use your pool at the beginning of the year and during the colder months?

If you live in a sunny area, this can be a great way to get more out of your pool, harness the sun's energy, and be green!

How do you work?

This pool cover has two functions that allow you to work efficiently. First, they absorb heat and sunlight with a network of air pockets.

These bags look a lot like the bubble wrap you use to protect your valuables while moving. Air bubbles and plastic absorb the sun's heat and then release it into the water through an effective layer of soil.

The bottom layer also fulfills the function of both layers. This layer acts as a one-way street that allows heat to enter from the outside and at the same time traps the heat contained in the water.

This is done with a space-aged, UV-resistant material. That way, the heat that's already in your water won't go out.

Can you save my money?

Yes, sunbathing in the pool can save money. You can do this in several ways. Above all, they reduce the consumption of electricity or gas for water heating. 

Solar Pool Covers: Types Of Covers To Consider

Solar power is rapidly becoming the alternative in energy. People are recognizing that solar power can endure to conventional energy resources and, in reality, work great for specific uses. Solar pool covers are among the perfect applications for solar power.

They involve active or passive technology. Passive solar power involves more manual function then active solar power. For example, using a battery to place the cover off and on will be busy, where manually placing the pool cap yourself is passive. If you want to install pool cover then you can call experts from the companies such as Pool enclosures Pool covers for the installation to done without any hassle.

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Your initial principal option will be to choose which of those two you'd like. Lively pool covers are more costly then passive pool covers, but equally serve the purpose quite nicely. There are choices such as a pool cover which employs a reel to help place it on and eliminate it. 

All versions, essentially serve the exact same function, however, of maintaining the pool helping keep heat from escaping.  The principal gaps will be the expression of the cover along with the little extras, like a reel. Additionally, there are solar pool covers appropriate to ground pools. 

A fantastic advantage of an energetic solar pool cover is you may also utilize the solar energy you're gathering to power anything else, such as outdoor lighting. Your choice within an active or passive solar pool will mostly depend upon your budget and your individual tastes.