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Installing Rubber Surfacing On Playground

Rubber surface has become a great substitute to mulch given the fact that it is maintenance free and come in a variety of colors that can be combined to produce different surface designs. During the installation is done properly, the rubber surface can stay in place for ten years or more.

Adding Rubber Surfacing For Playground

Before installing the rubber turf, there are some steps that need to be taken. First, all the remains that there is a playground should be removed. Such materials may include gravel, mulch and sand.


While this may be useful alone, they can easily destabilize the rubber surface – installed a safety surface over another does not cause safety heighted in the final outcome.

To keep the material from settling into the ground below, blocking substance should be used to cover the area cleaned up after the border had to be made. Barrier not only prevents the rubber from settling to the ground but also will keep weeds from infiltrating and disrupting the stability and thickness of the rubber.

When it comes to treatment, the rubber surface does not need a lot of work but with continued use, mulch can move towards the edge and for this reason, it is important to rake in monthly surface.

This will help control the material so that it remains in a place where it is needed most. Rubber surface is soft, durable and flexible, and they make sure that young people are protected should they fall from playground equipment while on the playground.

Get Creative With New Playground Equipment

You do not have to settle for the same old concept when it comes to ideas of school playground equipment. You also do not need to make an expensive part of the process.


Trying to come up with ideas of school playground equipment to adjust the amount of space you have can be a challenge as well. However, you can get the goods up and pile on top of each other. You can also use budget poured rubber via Playsites Plus for your playground surfacing and mats.


There can be a swing with some kind of activity on them or slide with something to do behind it. Maximize the amount of space you have is important.

Talk to an Expert

It is a good idea to talk to an expert when it comes to ideas of school playground equipment. Share with them what you are looking for and the price range.

 Let them know what you have in place right now and why it did not work. The more you can share, the easier it is for them to design some of the concepts you might be interested.

They can indicate the possibility for you to review. You can go over them and show what you like and what you do not. Based on that information, they can continue to modify until the concept is what you want. Do not rush to get new equipment to play or you may not like what you end up with.