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What Are The Differences Between Manifolds And Headers?

Manifolds and headers are two types of exhaust systems that are used in automobiles. Manifolds are much more common than headers, but they both have their own benefits and drawbacks. You can easily buy performance exhaust systems for your car online at Xforce.

Manifolds let the engine breathe better by routing the exhaust gas outside the vehicle, while headers direct the exhaust directly into the engine bay. Header designs are more aggressive and offer more power, but manifolds are typically cheaper to install and maintain. Overall, manifolds provide a more refined exhaust system while headers offer more power and sound.

Manifolds are typically made of metal and are inserted between the engine and exhaust system, while headers are typically a plastic or rubber design that attaches to the engine and directs exhaust emissions into the air. Manifolds are typically cheaper to install and maintain, but headers offer a more aggressive look and sound and are typically more powerful than manifolds.

Manifolds use a single tube that directs all of the exhaust gas from the cylinders, while headers have multiple tubes that lead to individual exhaust pipes. The design of this exhaust system depends on what type of vehicle you're working with – as well as whether you're installing a header or performing an exhaust swap on your vehicle. 

Manifolds and headers are two different types of exhaust systems. Manifolds are designed to route the exhaust flow in a single direction, while headers are designed to disperse the exhaust flow across multiple pipes.