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3 Types Of Foods You Can Buy To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The increase in people with high hypertension increases annually. More than one billion people around the world suffer from this condition. With that said, there are three types of foods you can buy at the grocery store to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Lean protein

Lean protein helps with muscle development and building your immune system. Lean protein does not contain fat and also requires more energy to burn when you eat it. Fish and white chicken breast are great examples of lean protein.  You can buy lean protein at an affordable price from a middles eastern supermarket.

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Fibrous vegetables

Fibrous vegetables do a few things to help lower high blood pressure. First, cholesterol will bind to fiber as food moves down into the stomach and intestines. This prevents plaque build-up in the arteries. Next, fibrous vegetables contain various antioxidants and this helps to minimize or prevent free radical damage. Lastly, fibrous vegetables are usually rich in nutrients. Broccoli and asparagus are great examples of stringy vegetables. 


More than 60% of our body is water and another 18% is fluid content. A loss of only 2% of body fluids results in a noticeable decrease in physical and mental performance and general sluggishness. Dehydration makes the heart work harder due to low fluid levels; therefore, its blood level is much lower, so the heart has to pump harder to move fluid through the blood vessels. Other benefits of following these dietary tips are weight loss and more energy.

By just making a few healthy changes to your dietary lifestyle, you can lower your blood pressure, lose weight, and increase your energy. Next time you go to the grocery store or restaurant, take a good look at the food you put in your cart or order from the menu.