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What is a Managed Server?

A server is vital in maintaining a website. It is an important component in making a website live and viewable by the public.

Since the internet came into being in the 1990s, the server has evolved and now has many different types to meet the different and growing needs of website owners and publishers. You may have heard of the shared type as well as the dedicated and the managed dedicated one. 

A dedicated server, compared to the shared type, is used by a single website only. This is the preference of many companies and website publishers because of its affordability, reliability, security, flexibility and stable performance. As this is not shared with other websites, there's less chance of errors and other problems which means a live always site internet users can access at any time. You can also find the professional managed server providers at

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When a company chooses this option, it has therefore total control of the hardware, software and the entire system. As this is the case, it can then choose to have it managed by the hosting service provider for long term maintenance. This is known as a managed dedicated server.

Management of the system is normally offered as an add-on service by hosting companies. For companies that go for this option, they may be allowed to choose their own operating system as well as software and hardware. Although these may be owned by the provider, support is steadily provided depending on the agreement between the company and the hosting firm.

A major benefit of having the managed dedicated system is that companies can focus on the more important aspects of their business operations. With the presence of system administrators working full time, maintaining the server for the long term is ensured. This means, the company can then focus on their productivity instead of other problems and issues.