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Things to do in Krabi


Thailand is so much more than just Bangkok and Pattaya. All over the country, there are gems that every traveler must admire and explore. Krabi is one such place. Here are a few things to do and see in Krabi that will make you love Thailand even more. 

Railay Beach – Located between Ao Nang and Krabi, this stunning peninsula is hidden away from the world, owing to the limestone cliffs that make it inaccessible from land. You have to take a boat here to enjoy the almost empty and untouched beaches Rock climbers also come here to enjoy the cliffs. 

KoLanta – Forge carbon-emitting hotels, and enjoy a great stay in bamboo huts at KoLanta. The place feels like a journey back in time. The island is also home to the Mu KoLanta National Park. Be sure to visit this place and check out the amazing wildlife that is hosted here. 

Tiger Cave Temple – It is quite a walk up a long flight to stairs to get to this temple, but it is all worth it. In the temple, you will find huge Buddha statues. People offer their respect and prayers to the statue and the tiger paw prints. Yes, the temple has paw prints and hence the name. 

KoPoda – Take a boat to the KoPoda Island and enjoy the peace and calm like never before. Silky white sand, clams turquoise waters and a cooling sea breeze await you here. 

So, don’t wait. Book your place in a Krabi hostel, and come and check out these awesome places in the Krabi region of Thailand.