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Importance of Filters for an ecommerce website

Each store should have a category-specific filter. When you start implementing product filtering, it's important to note that customers prefer category-specific options over general parameters like the brand or product reviews.

Few customers actually start with a particular brand or review but know the category they are looking for or a particular product. For example, a customer buying a dress might want to filter by size, price, color (color filtering by shopify), length, and fabric (note the little black dress).

Meanwhile, customers buying phones may prefer to filter by storage capacity, screen or battery size, or perhaps price.

Your customers will certainly prefer to find products easily and quickly, and the easier it is for them to find items, the faster their purchases will be. Here filter products can greatly increase your sales.

Functional product filtering is the most important way to get your customers to browse relevant areas of your store. Filters allow them to select products based on their parameters. Unfortunately, only about 16% of e-commerce websites offer good product filtering. As the administrator of your e-commerce website, it is imperative that you implement an error-tolerant filtering system for ease of use and maximum conversions.

For shop owners, implementing good product screening starts with understanding your customer's needs. Watching how customers move between pages in your store can help you research their needs.