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Understand Indian Vedic Science In A More Detailed Way

In India, spirituality and science have always gone together. Experiential spirituality through Yoga and Vedanta has ever been imagined as science fiction, a manner of comprehension to be approached by reason and experimentation through Meditation leading to the direct understanding of truth. 

Other Indic systems of thought such as Buddhism and Jainism have shared similar perspectives. You can Learn Hindu Studies Online From No. 1 Vedic University In The USA according to your need.


Even the Vedas are called Vidyas this means manners of knowledge or understanding (a word cognate with Latin American video!). The Vedas we may say will be the Vidyas or videos of the sages shown on the interior display of their meditative mind. 

They were thought to have been cognized by the individual mind in tune with the universal Being Brahman. The Vedas speak of all aspects of existence through Dharma, the natural laws that maintain the universe, which reflect not just energy and matter but life, consciousness, and mind. 

Therefore, the Vedas constitute what is called a science in the current sense of the word and a whole lot more. We can find one of the funniest sciences, a wide array of sciences from astronomy and chemistry into psychology and surgery, extending into astrology and also into the science of Yoga itself. 

We can predict this integral method of both the spiritual and material sciences as science.' Unlike medieval Europe, traditional India never saw a battle between science and spirituality. It suppressed art or science in favor of religion. Rather its arts and sciences developed in conjunction with spirituality.