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Why To Choose Hammertoe Treatment In Baltimore

The term hammertoes may refer to an array of toe deformities that might not be evident when looking at their feet in the air, however they could be a source of discomfort. The majority of the time the toes are pushed upwards in order to cause discomfort. This is a typical situation that can be caused by Hammertoes.

This common foot condition is easily addressed. If your toes are hurting in shoes or when they are pressed against the ground, it's advised to look for professional hammertoe treatment in Baltimore from a foot doctor (podiatrist) to get a definitive treatment.

hammertoe treatment baltimore

The treatment can be as simple as padding to shield the toe from being sucked into the shoe or the other toes in addition to regularly trimming the corns. The padding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, however the most effective one appears to be flexible sleeves with gel underside.

The pads slide onto the toes and work as a sock or sleeve that can wrap around and protect the skin. In the event that the corns are severe enough to warrant a knife or razor, let a podiatrist. The more pronounced shoes are necessary to prevent the pressure of the shoes from rubbing the toe. 

The only way to permanently correct the problem is accomplished through corrective surgery to straighten the toes and eliminate any bone that is prominent.