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Understanding The Market Of Meat Goats In Africa

Livestock exporters derive their income from the sale of goats mainly in the beef market, along with the sale of livestock. The main meat market is actually an ethnic market. The exporter makes direct sales to these users. In other cases, they may sell to processors that have developed a significant ethnic consumer market.

If you are a processor looking to buy goat meat for sale, you need to understand that most livestock exporters are involved in selling indirectly to processors. This can be done in a number of ways, including warehouse sales where the buyer has contact with multiple processors across the region. You can also buy goat meat via online.

On the other hand, as a producer, you can also make a significant profit by purchasing goat meat, as increased horseback riding will increase profits. You can market your goats for a long time, which allows you to get the best prices.

When is the best time to buy goat meat? This is an important analysis you should do to make the best purchase. The most favourable market conditions for livestock exporters are from September to May. Then the highest demand for goat meat. Demand tends to fall from June to August, which is a better time to buy.

However, if you want to buy mutton to sell to cater to the ethnic market, you have to work according to the seasons. Because the consumption of goat meat in this section of the market is determined by religious and customary norms.