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What You Can Do About GM Ignition Lawsuit

GM ignition incidents are on a lot of people's minds right now. You might have heard about the recent lawsuit that has been filed against GM and how this might impact your life. 

The conspiracy is that GM had installed parts in their cars without testing them for safety, leading to more fatalities from airbags as well as other serious injuries. For a GM ignition lawsuit, you can also visit here.

GM wins victory in an ignition switch defect lawsuit

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What is the GM Ignition Lawsuit?

The GM ignition lawsuit is a class-action lawsuit filed in 2009 by those who allege that General Motors (GM) engaged in deceptive marketing and engineering practices in its use of ignition switches in its vehicles. The suit was consolidated with similar cases brought by consumers against Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Mazda. In May 2015, a tentative settlement was reached in the case, with GM agreeing to pay $900 million to plaintiffs and provide up to $8 billion in compensation for victims of the defective switches.

How Many People Have Been Affected?

The General Motors ignition lawsuit affects millions of people in the United States. The lawsuits allege that the company's defective ignition switches caused crashes, resulting in injuries and deaths. The plaintiffs are seeking damages for their injuries.

GM has acknowledged that some vehicles have been affected by the defective switches, but has disputed the plaintiffs' allegations of full-blown product liability. The company has pledged to provide a free repair for the affected vehicles. Affected drivers can also file a claim with their insurance company.

In total, GM has acknowledged that at least 1.6 million vehicles are affected by the ignition switch problem, including both Chevrolet and Pontiac models. So far, GM has set aside $500 million to cover costs associated with the recalls.