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Choose The Right Veranda Design

Over the years, verandas have taken on various shapes and sizes. From curved dome shaped structures to rectangular versions, a veranda can add value and dimension to your home. But choosing the right shape depends on many factors like the size of your home and how large you want the space to be.

Once you decide on these details, you can build a pergola in a contemporary style (also known as construire une pergola dans un style contemporain in the French language) that suits your needs. 

All verandas are constructed of color bond steel, which means the structure is durable and can be custom painted to match your home or painted in a color that contrasts your house color to add even more visual interest.

A curved design can give your home elegance and create an entertaining place to have dinner parties with friends and family. These verandas can be attached to your home or are available as free standing structures.

With the curved veranda style, you can add a flat roof to the structure to make it larger and add even more dimension. You can also add a curved piece to your existing veranda for added elegance.

For a more traditional look with clean, polished lines, a flat roofed veranda will add beauty to your home.