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All About Flying Anxiety

Contrary to what many believe that flying in commercial jetliners is extremely secure. But if you are suffering from Aviophobia (the anxiety of flying) the sentence is unlikely to alleviate your anxieties and worries.

According to a study, approximately 40 percent of people have some degree of anxiety when flying. Fear of flying usually comes from other fears that are common including fears of crowds and heights or claustrophobia. You can hop over to if you have flying anxiety.

It is actually one of the most secure modes of transport. In reality, more than 3 million people travel across the globe every single day, without incident. In 2000, over one billion people flew around the globe, and just 20 fatal crashes. 

Safety in the airline industry is an ever-growing initiative with new safety improvements and advances constantly being made. 

The use of Global Positioning Systems on commercial aircraft allows pilots and aircrews to pinpoint their exact position anyplace around the globe. Its Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is reliable enough that it is able to be used vertically to determine altitude as and horizontally.

If the idea of flying causes you to be extremely nervous and interferes with your daily life (unable to travel on vacations and business trips, for instance. ) Consider taking an air-fright program or course designed to help people overcome the fear of flying. 

These programs are usually available at airports in the local area and taught by pilots therapists and other certified experts.