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Picking the Face Mask that is Right for You Online

Experts agree that face masks slow the spread of COVID-19. When a person with this virus wears a face mask, the chances of them giving it to someone else drops. You also get some protection from wearing a face mask when you’re around someone who has COVID-19.

Wearing a premium non-medical mask is a way you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19. However, not all face masks are alike. It’s important to know which ones provide the most protection. 


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The best materials for cloth face masks

Cloth face masks are a perfectly good way to protect others from COVID-19. And they also protect you.

Some scientists have conducted studies on how protective cloth face masks are. So far, they’ve found the following are the best materials for cloth face masks:

  • Chiffon

  • Cotton

  • Natural silk

Cotton fabrics that have a tighter weave and higher thread count are more protective than those that don’t. Also, masks made of more than one layer of fabric offer more protection, and it’s even better when the layers are made of different types of fabric. Masks that have layers stitched together — or quilted — seem to be the most effective cloth face masks.

The best face masks are those that fit right up next to your face. They should cover the area from above your nose to below your chin. The less air escaping or entering while still allowing you to breathe well, the more protection from COVID-19 you’ll get.