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Border Garden Ideas For More Color -Edging

Edge garden beds are a great addition to your landscape when you want to accentuate an edge like an alley, fence, walkway, porch, or patio. They can be used to delimit visual boundaries or create physical compartments in your landscape.

If you want to highlight permanent features like a trellis or gazebo, or space dividers in your garden or vegetable garden, a border garden is just that. Because they often follow the edges, they are usually rectangular but can be designed to contain soft curves for a less formal garden. You can also get the best garden edging ideas in Australia via

Most gardeners plant larger annuals and perennials at the back of these beds and feature shorter items. Edge beds can be made to light up long bloom periods in a series, or to focus on a spectacular annual show. If you choose to have a storefront for a year, plan the rest of your landscaping to balance out the seasons when your border plinth is set aside.

Shrubs, ground cover and nearby ornamental grass can help your garden in this regard, providing visual interest and texture all year round. I prefer attractive greens like Hosta and Alumroot and long lasting blooms like Coreopsis.

A good border should not be wider than a few feet unless it is filled with wild perennials. In addition, because of their width, the beds are difficult to care for, weed and care for.

A longer bed boundary, such as a fence that is more than four feet wide, such as a forest or yard, must be divided into torn segments or steps every few meters so that it can be traversed and repaired.