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Follow These Maintenance Tips Related to your Drone

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Just like how we give our cars and bikes for servicing, drones also need to be serviced. Doing so keeps your drone in top condition, especially at the time of shooting a video or photo. If you’ve recently purchased a drone, then these maintenance tips must be followed.

  1. Give the Lens and ND Filters some Cleaning – Cleaning the lens and ND filers are crucial before and after flying your drone. You can do so by using wipes and then cleaning the filers and lens carefully. Keeping the lens and ND filters clean helps at the time of capturing cinematic shots.
  2. Look for the Presence of Cracks – After you clean the lens and ND filters, the next step is to check for the presence of cracks. A drone free of cracks helps your drone to perform well while in the air. Moreover, check the propellers for any cracks. If cracks are present on the propellers, changing them with the spare ones helps.
  3. Keep the Drone Dry from Moisture – If the weather is hot and humid, you are bound to see the formation of fog on the drone. Moreover, you shouldn’t fly your drone during rainy conditions. Therefore, you should always keep the drone free of moisture, liquid etc.
  4. Calibrate the Drone – Drone calibration helps to keep the drone stable in the air without the possibility of moving from side to side. Therefore, always calibrate the drone whenever there is a drone shoot.

With these tips, you should consider drone inspections in Perth.