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How To Wash And Dry A Down Comforter At Home?

If you have bought a down comforter, then you should know how to wash and dry it efficiently.

However, before you start with the process of washing the down comforter, make sure to follow certain precautions:

  • Remove the down comforter cover to clean it separately.
  • Read the directions on the down comforter's label to see if it can be hand or machine washed. This step also ensures that the use of a detergent or the passage to the dryer is possible.
  • Mark any holes and open seams, and sew them up if necessary to prevent the padding from escaping when washing the down comforter.

You should buy a branded down comforter to avoid frequent washing. To buy one, you can check out reviews of best down comforter by consumer reports.

How to wash the down comforter by hand in the bathtub?

Washing your down comforter by hand is quite possible. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • Fill a tub with water and pour laundry detergent or mild detergent into it.
  • Let the down comforter soak in it for an hour before gently rubbing the stained areas.
  • Let the product act and rinse several times with plenty of water.

When washing the down comforter, beat its entire surface evenly with your fists to prevent the filling from shifting. To avoid deterioration of the filling, it is not recommended to twist the down comforter. On the other hand, it is preferable to let it dry by hanging it or laying it flat. Note that drying can take several days. To avoid a long wait, it is possible to put the down comforter in the dryer.

How to wash a down comforter in the machine and at what temperature?

After checking that the down comforter can be machine washed, you should make sure that its size and weight are suitable for the washing machine. You should know that a small down comforter (140×200 or 200×200) can be washed in a machine with a capacity of 5 kg. To wash, here are the tips to follow:

  • Distribute the down comforter evenly in the drum (this should only fill the washing machine ¾ full).
  • Place clean tennis balls inside so that the down comforter comes out soft and perfectly clean. Indeed, by rotating with the drum, the balls will beat the down comforter, thus allowing it to keep its initial shape. In the absence of tennis balls, it is possible to place a pair of canvas shoes without laces.
  • Run a delicate wash cycle with a small amount of mild liquid detergent.

As for the washing temperature, it is advisable to rely on the indications on the label. However, you should know that to eliminate dust mites, a cycle of 60°C is recommended. However, depending on their filling, some down comforters may not be able to withstand this temperature. For a perfect result, do not hesitate to launch a second rinsing cycle. You should know that down comforters with a synthetic filling withstand machine washing better than natural down comforters. Indeed, synthetic fibers are relatively less fragile and dry faster.

How to properly dry the down comforter?

Once the down comforter has been washed, it is possible to put it in the dryer, provided that this option is presented on the label. If this is the case, it is not recommended to choose a cycle exceeding 60°C. Throughout the process, it is advisable to take out down comforter regularly and to reinflate it a little to prevent the filling from flattening out. To distribute the filling evenly inside the down comforter, place two or three clean tennis balls inside during the drying cycle. To finalize the drying process and eliminate all traces of humidity, hang the down comforter outside under the sun. If this option is not possible, hang it on aligned chair backs, turning it over regularly. Before reusing the down comforter, it is important to ensure that it is completely dry to avoid the risk of mold developing.