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Dos Ojos – The best cave diving in the world

Welcome to Dos Ojos (two eyes at spanish), the largest cavern in the entire peninsula of Yucatan, just 15 minutes from Tulum. It is a great dive site with just two amazing caverns and can also be the ideal location to get a great holiday trip.

The eyes of Dos Ojos are situated roughly 300ft / 100 meters apart from each other but are attached to one another. The smallest of these is the entry for the two dives, another larger one is better accommodated for snorkelling. To know more about dos ojos cenote diving you can visit .

dos ojos cenote diving,

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The very first line you are going to research is your "Barbie lineup". Straight off after moving down, you will be entering a massive room with a fairly good number of amazing columns formed while these caves were sterile. 

A few of those columns reach a height of about 8 meters / 27 ft. Stalactites generally grow about an inch every 100 decades and stalagmites grow about an inch every 100 years… it provides you a small idea of just how old those items are…

Between those gorgeous rooms, you will find large tunnels, open locations and caverns in which you might just hold and observe the gorgeous scenery surrounding you. It is wonderful.