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Choose Invisalign Braces for Your Teen?

Invisalign, designed exclusively for teenagers, can do just the same job in a simpler, more comfortable and less visible way.

1. What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of simple to use and comfortable appliances are known as aligners' that are removable, clear, and customized to fit individual mouth arrangements. What has been envisioned by Dr. H.D. Kesling in 1945 about tooth positioners and their movements became reality with the aid of advanced computer technology?

The FDA-approved product supplies a comprehensive orthodontic treatment for straightening tooth slowly in an invisible way with no metal or wires involved. Since 1997, Align has made over 10 million aligners to function almost 250,000 patients worldwide and the number is increasing constantly. There are also more than 30,000 certified and broadly trained orthodontists and dentists across the globe to use Invisalign efficiently .

2. How Does This Operate?

Everything starts with 3-D computer imaging for determining the complete orthodontic treatment plan and coming up with custom-made aligners to get a better fit. In the Invisalign aligner system, a string of powerful, medical-grade plastic-made aligners is used.

They look like tooth-whitening trays or retainers and remain virtually invisible after sporting sequentially from the patient in both upper and lower arches. The same as regular braces, aligners create an efficient force delivery system during the proper placement of controlled pressure on the teeth.

Each aligner causes incremental motion of the teeth before they're substituted by the next one in the series after fourteen days. This continues until the last alignment is achieved. To put it differently, Invisalign also controls the time of this force being applied to the teeth because of its effective movement.