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Asphalt Maintenance Aspects For Commercial Property

Asphalt maintenance is an often neglected aspect of property management. If owners have a hole in their parking lot, it's not treated with the same urgency as a hole in their roof. 

Unfortunately, this neglect of asphalt results in higher future repair costs which could have been avoided if the owner had followed a preventive maintenance plan for their asphalt. You can now get colored pavement treatments from professionals.

Commercial Asphalt Paving - American Asphalt Company

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What is asphalt maintenance? Asphalt maintenance consists of protecting the asphalt using the following methods (covering asphalt seals, repairing cracks, and repairing the asphalt) to prevent damage to existing asphalt.

Why do owners have to cover their asphalt pavements? Since the asphalt is installed, the breakdown process begins. Asphalt shrinks when the binder that holds the entire unit (rock) together is oxidized by sunlight, water, and other external conditions.

The sealing layer process already protects the asphalt binder from the external conditions mentioned above. An added benefit of the asphalt compaction layer is that the asphalt is now protected from the harmful effects of gasoline, oil and defrosting salts. The most obvious benefit of bitumen sealing is that it returns the asphalt color to its original color. Asphalt brings back this new look for part of its original price.

Asphalt compaction is a process in which a coal tar emulsion or asphalt emulsion is sprayed or brushed onto the asphalt surface. The sealing material should be used in two layers in common areas and in high traffic areas, i.e. on the line, applied in three layers.