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Reasons To Use Mouthguard Protection

There are many options available to protect your smile, teeth, and gums. The mouth guard is one of these devices. Mouthguards are often thought to be worn by only boxers and football players. 

These custom-made mouthguards are not only needed to play competitive football and boxing, but many people don't realize that they are also useful for other purposes. Without mouth guards, there will indeed be a large segment of society that has very damaged mouths.

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People who grind their teeth at night, especially in the evenings, are a reason mouthguards are so important. This is called bruxism. This condition is characterized by grinding their teeth together and clenching their teeth, making unnatural grating sounds.

People with bruxism are more likely to have damaged teeth from an early age, which can lead to a disfigured smile and worn-down teeth. If dentures are worn, bruxism can lead to dentures being replaced more frequently than necessary. It is not just the cost of unattractive dentures that can cause loss of confidence, but also the cost of getting them repaired or having new dentures made every time.

A night guard is a solution. This mouthpiece can be purchased over-the-counter or custom-fitted by your dentist. Because they are custom-made, mouth guards can be more comfortable and fit better.

Mouthguards are also important to protect children who take part in competitive sports. Mouthguards should be considered a mandatory piece of equipment for children involved in athletics.