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Purchase Cast Iron Hoppers For You Home

Ogee black cast iron rainwater funnel is used to connect 2 or more adjacent pipes in a drain pipe. The outlet can be connected to a cast iron exhaust pipe or a 68mm round pipe. This cast iron hopper system offers good flow capacity in removing rainwater from the roof. Suitable for new construction, renovation of single-family homes, conservatories, and outbuildings.

The cast iron hopper rainwater system is identical to the traditional cast-iron style and blends perfectly with the architectural details of historic buildings as it is almost indistinguishable from the original cast iron system. If you want to know more features and benefits of cast iron hoppers, you can click here.

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The authentic style of the Cascade system is perfect for new construction and renovation projects. The rainwater collector is in the form of a funnel that flows into the gutter. Sophisticated cast iron and tin cladding are essential to many historic building facades. In the past, bunkers in some old houses produced gray water, which is no longer allowed.

Here are some features and advantages:

  • It is durable, lightweight, and recyclable polyethylene

  • Zero waste for disposal from the production process

  • Recyclable packaging

  • The cast iron funnel is equipped with two locking tabs and requires two 12 x 50mm. cast iron fasteners

  • Can be used in class 1 building