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Beware of Custom Aluminum Drive Shaft Accidents

Driveshafts are something you've probably heard of if you own a car. You can connect your vehicle's driveshaft with universal joints. You can have an accident if any of these joints fail. These accidents can be avoided by regular maintenance and replacement of driveshafts as needed.

You may have heard of the tow truck driver who was injured while removing RV drive shafts. This kind of accident can happen to any vehicle, and almost anyone, if they're not careful. These accidents can occur when the transmission locks, which causes the custom aluminum driveshaft to become bound. Here are some steps to follow if you find yourself in a similar situation to your vehicle.

 custom aluminum driveshaft

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If you are a driver of a tow truck or any other vehicle, and you have been in a similar situation, you should attach the safety chains to disable the vehicle.

Never try to remove the driveshaft from its shaft without first grasping it with your hands. To make the custom aluminum driveshaft free, grab it with your hands.

If you're unable to free it, lift the one-side of the drive wheel off the ground. This will release tension from the driveshaft. It will be able to move freely. Be careful, this should only be attempted if the vehicle has been disabled and hooked up to a tow truck.

After the bind has been removed using the previously mentioned process, the drive shaft can be safely removed. The driveshaft injuries are a serious problem in the towing industry. These steps are simple and can save your life.