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How To Do Self Drive In Namibia?

Africa's self-drive safari allows for complete freedom to explore at your own leisurely. Once you have contacted the agent of Namibia or specialist and has created schedules are well planned, with accommodation and lodging booked and paid in advance.

Select and ordered the vehicle of your choice at the time to consider how to stay on the road after you 're in the country. You can do a self-drive trip in Namibia in the best car.

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Tips that will get you on your way: There is a possibility you may be experienced for a new environment you are driving, and even experienced drivers sometimes have problems or obstacles along the way, like getting trapped, drowned, or overheating.

Driving through the mud:

Namibia is an ideal environment for a muddy situation, especially during the rainy season (November to May). Remain cautious of the recent rain and loose soil.

Driving through the sand:

It is hard to avoid the sand when the country is sandwiched between the Namib and Kalahari deserts. Just like driving through mud, constantly, and never stops. If you find yourself stopping in the sand you may be stuck for several hours trying to dig yourself. A self-drive safari Africa goes wrong.

To avoid this, it is best to deflate your tire until you can see the different initial bulge to form around the tire wall. Only do this if you have a way to re-inflate the tires at all getting back to more solid ground. Most rental companies will provide you with the pump.