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How to Get the Most Out of a Business Book

There are three types of business books:

Celebrities endorsed

Highly researched and informative

You too

Strategies that work

Celebrities Endorsed 

Books written by or on behalf of celebrities such as Donald Trump and Richard Branson are endorsed by them. These books don't have eye-catching titles because the person's name is what sells. You can purchase bestselling business and finance books online at reasonable prices.

You will notice that their names are all over the cover, and the titles are in small print.

They can also be divided into three types:

1.The one that was written by the celebrity when he wasn't a celebrity. These are often really good as they were trying to make their name, so had to produce great content.

2. They wrote them when they were already wealthy, and they are often not very good. They are full of all the things I did so that you can do it mumbo-jumbo, which is completely disconnected from reality.

3. They are those written in their names by someone smart who knows the power of a name. These are often not very good, as the celebrity doesn't take the time to read them and isn't aware of what was written.

Highly researched and informative:

Books that are informative and well researched for business include books written mainly by business journalists or academics. These books are often written in a journalistic or academic