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Alfresco Grills Review – Great Grilling Equipment at Good Prices

Alfresco is worldwide renowned for producing quality and durable products such as fridges, cookers and grills. Grills from Alfresco are made of high heat stainless steel which ensures they last for a long time. Alfresco grills will not only grill your food perfectly but also add a stylish look to your kitchen. You can also find the best alfresco kitchen accessories through the internet.

When Alfresco is in charge, your imagination will become reality – after all they have designed and built cooking equipment for many fine hotels and restaurants.

Some of the cheapest Alfresco Grills are in the LX2 42SZ – NG gas grill series. They feature stainless steel main burners which produce 55000 BTUs and one 27500 BTU sear zone ceramic infrared burner. The integrated smoker accommodates a large chunk of wood for cold smoking. The smoke ejector system distributes smoke throughout before rising to the food zones, creating an intense smoke flavor. Many past users have praised these grills because of their efficiency and the spectacular taste they bring out in food.

Alfresco grills are made to fit various price ranges so it will not matter whether it is a top of the range grill you are looking for or a low priced one. You are guaranteed to get one that meets your needs and financial ability. If you choose the Alfresco AGBQ 56 "grills series, you will be happy to know that you are buying a product which has incredible features.

These grills have electro polished solid stainless steel racks for longer service and leave perfect grill marks on food. Furthermore, there is a pyramid style ceramic briquette for great heat retention and even heat distribution making your food not to burn easily.

Lastly, when you need to clean, there is a removable full width drip tray for easy cleaning. If you want to save loads of cash purchasing Alfresco grills you have to look for their discount coupons online.