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Can Bed Bugs Hurt You?

Bed bugs are small insects that live on the supply of food which consists entirely of the blood of living animals including humans and therefore it is considered as a parasite.

The right pest control can prevent these insects from attacking and can limit the severity of the infestation if they are attacked successfully. You can also hire a bed bug control company via Premier Canine Detection.

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Bed bugs range in color from light tan brown and orange. They are winged with a flat oval shape and stature allows them to hide in small cracks and spaces in the house and the furniture.

They do not spread disease, but like mosquitoes, they do leave behind small traces of saliva at the site where blood is drawn.

This causes irritation and mild allergic reactions of saliva in the skin which then causes itching and inflammation. Discomfort caused by the bite of the right reasons pest control others is important to keep this bug from rampant home.

An infestation of bed bugs usually appears suddenly and without explanation. They often hide in baggy clothes and can be attached to the luggage and other travel items with skill.

This is how they travel so easily from other countries and spread to a new location. So they had to travel to a new destination they will spread through the building they occupy.

If an infestation does occur happens, professional pest control service should be used to detect and eradicate bed bugs. Best professionals trained to know where to look for potential hiding places.