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The Way to Use Digital Backdrops

Digital background can be used by anyone with ease. Do not worry about all the technologies involved. 

The best way is if you take your picture against a blue, white, black or green screen. They are ideal for this type of process. This is because they separate the subject from the background efficiently and easily. You can also use the Paper Backdrops to get the best photography or photos.

Image Source: Google

Every other solid color can also be used, although the clarity obtained will be less than in a blue or green background. At times you may get a little fog around the subject.

It is best if you take your picture against a blue or green screen. You must save the image to your hard drive and then access it through Photoshop.

The next step to be taken is to remove the green or blue background. This is generally done by using a magic wand mask utilities. Then the masked area can be cut and then re-white mask area.

After that, you can open the digital backgrounds on the same screen. Now it will be easy for you to drag and position of the masked image to fit on top of the background image.