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What Causes Back Pain?

The term "spine pain" can be a misnomer since many of the discomfort caused by pain in the spine may be experienced in other parts of the body, referred to as "referred discomfort". This happens most often in cases where a disc between the vertebrae of the spine has bulged or herniated. Leg or arm pain is felt.

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The spine, however, isn't the area that is hurting it is the ligaments and muscles which surround the spine that may cause pain. Sometimes, the bones in the back are damaged or malformed, which can cause discomfort in the spine itself. 

The spine has four areas, including the neck, or cervical area; the thoracic middle back region, the back region, lumbar region, where about 80% of Americans claim to have suffered from some form of back discomfort, and the sacral area is linked to the pelvis.

Composition of the Spine

Our spine is extremely robust and performs an excellent job of keeping a person upright. It is the only creature in the world that can do this. It's comprised of a bony structure referred to as the vertebrae. These are tiny bones that are stacked on one another, with tiny discs between them. 

The spinal cord is a part of the vertebrae, and nerves that transmit to the brain how our body is to move in response to discomfort or surprise and the brain transmits instructions about how to move our body to perform our everyday business.