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A Complete Guide To The Rules of the Axe Throwing Game

Axe-throwing is rapidly spreading to North America and other parts of the world. It has become one of the most popular new bar games and sports among the younger population. You can play axe throwing in Santa Clarita by booking your appointment online. 

Ax-Throwing Bars, Explained - Eater

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With hundreds of locations around the world specifically dedicated to axe throwing, this game is ready to evolve and become a popular game for years to come.

Read on to find out exactly what axe throwing is, some basic rules for holding and throwing an axe, tips, tricks, and some of the most popular axe throwing games.

What's the axe throwing?

Axe throwing, like darting, is a sport in which the athlete throws the axe at the target and tries to hit the bull as close as possible. The governing body for axe throwing is the World League of Axe-Throwing (WATL).

Let's take a look at their ranking system:

League axe system for throwing:- In any location WATL-approved, your target will have the four rings and the yacht's eye in the middle. Each ring gradually gets more points than six with bulls.

Two small dots in the outer circle are a compromise between high risk and reward and are known as murder. You can only attempt kills at certain points in the game, and they are worth eight points.