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Modern Building Methods Of Automatic Pool covers

In the modern era of pool design, there are almost limitless ways to incorporate automatic pool covers into structures. In the past, you were almost limited to a simple rectangular pool with an industrial-looking aluminum cap to cover the body of the concave mechanism. That mindset is a thing of the past.

No more needing to install rails at the bottom of the pool cover. The new standard in the industry is to install automatic retractable pool covers on the swimming pool area. This method has two main advantages. The first is the removal of tracks off the pavement. The second allows for the handling of thinner, less dense stones. 

The use of this type of enclosure also allows enhancing the beauty of the. Swimming pools can be free-form but with the benefit of a lower deck and hidden pool cover system. The perimeter of the pool remains rectangular as it slopes downwards to the lower deck surface around the pool. You literally have a photo frame around your pool.

The built-in hull is covered with a fairing or decking material for a more attractive appearance. These bricks are held in place by heavy brackets that are placed at predetermined intervals to accommodate the width and length of the covering material. 

If the material is thinner than 2 inches or is brick or plank, a pan or tray system can be used to secure the material. Using this heavy type of cap allows for a hidden front-end option.

Pools with negative edges or missing edges can also have a cap. Tracks are placed above the spillway if it slopes toward the pond and vertically behind the wall if it slopes toward the pond.