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What To Choose : Translation Service Company Or Machine Translation

When to use a machine translation company or translation service

There are five important criteria when deciding whether to use a machine translation company or a translation service. However, to get translation services in Australia you can check this out.

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1. Subject. This is where computers can have a huge advantage, especially with technical texts. In fields like life sciences, where vocabulary is very specific and broad, machine translation systems can have long-term databases of terminology that translation service companies cannot compete with.

The quality of course depends on the amount of work and the quality of the work entered into the machine translation dictionary.

2. Speed. Speed is an area where computers excel as the average translator translates at a rate of 2,500 words per day.

3. Level of accuracy. We have already discussed the level of accuracy. If the text is for information only, fully automated translation is possible, but when we need a 100% accurate translation, the time it takes to edit the MT system often outweighs the benefits of using this system.

4. Cost. Since a computer can mark all the correct fields for speed, sequence, accuracy, and subject matter, it is important to remember that a successful machine translation system requires significant investment to be of high quality and large in scope.

From the above, it is clear that computers can produce impressive results, but we must be aware that the current MT system does not provide 100% accurate translations.

When this accuracy is required, it is always best to hire the services of a translation company.