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Youth and Adult ATV’s – What’s the Difference?

If you are considering buying an ATV for your child, chances are you have heard the advice sized ATV. Is there a difference between youth ATV's an adult-sized ATV's? There is, and the differences are what will keep your child safe or potentially lead them to get hurt. You should let your child ride a youth sized ATV because they are smaller, lighter, and easier for a child to handle.

Adult ATVs are dangerous for children, and children should not be permitted to ride them until they're old enough and large enough to properly handle them.

While size is the difference, there are other differences between youth and adult-sized ATVs. It is necessary for children to ride youth-sized ATVs because they can comfortably control them. A child or preteen might need to stretch to reach the handlebars of an adult-sized ATV and will not be able to put their feet on the floor. It is important to be able to comfortably reach the handlebars and the ground for safety reasons. Most children under 16 aren't large enough to comfortably ride an adult-sized ATV.

Adult sized ATV's are also heavier and more powerful than youth sized ATV's. They are designed for adults, and kids will have a hard time reaching the handlebars and pedals. This makes them harder to ride, and they need more power to control because of the size. Most children do not have the strength or experience to properly control these machines. Adult ATV's also go quicker than youth ATV's that is not a good thing for inexperienced riders. Children should only be able to ride at a speed they can handle, and on terrain, they can comfortably maneuver.

Even if they have their own ATV, your child will probably want to ride yours due to the"cool" factor. Make certain you explain to your child that adult ATVs are dangerous for children, and they want more experience and strength before they could ride one. Don't be tempted to give in since it's simple for a child to lose control of an ATV. The size and speed of an ATV make them dangerous for kids make sure you wait until your kid is old enough to let them ride one.

Youth ATV's also have security features not found on adult ATV's that will help to keep your child safe. These features enable parents to keep some control and keep their children safe if they run into trouble or break the rules.

You can find a youth ATV with a shutoff that you can switch off their ATV if they encounter trouble. Youth ATV's usually have other features that make them safer to operate also. They have larger brake pedals mirrors and handlebars that are sized for smaller hands. These features make youth ATV's safer for kids and are reasons sized ATV's.