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Whisky And Oak Casks

Oak has been used in winemaking since Roman times when oak casks were originally used to transport whisky. It enhances the taste and texture of whisky in the same way that spices are used to enhance the taste of food. 

Why is whisky cask wood preferred? Whisky casks not only have low porosity but can also be easily bent into a round shape. The whisky cask gives the whisky a distinct aromatic quality. You can also look for the best whisky cask online via


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Microscopic amounts of oxygen can enter the cask and soften its contents. Water and alcohol can also evaporate through the wood, resulting in a more intense taste. This aging process in oak casks is important for red whisky made from more intense grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. 

There are several factors breeders should consider when choosing a whisky cask for aging. One of these is the size of the cask, as smaller casks represent a greater ratio between the surface of the wood and the whiskey, which allows the whisky to extract more of the aromatic compounds from the cask. 

Since whisky is made from only one raw material, mostly just oak, gives off an unfamiliar taste. None of these factors make whisky better or worse. For most of us, personal preference matters. You can even search online for more information about whisky casks.