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Brief Remarks On Artificial Intelligence

Depicted in science fiction films, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives in various ways, sometimes not easily perceived.

The creation of artificial intelligence is done to increase the stock of available intelligence (if it will be possible to measure) through artificial means, is in itself a revolution in the way people view the world and the human brain's role in it.

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But artificial intelligence goes far into the past. In Ancient Greece, the ideas of intelligent elements (at that time, mechanical sculptures) were introduced in mythology. Initially, artificial intelligence is focused on the mechanical aspects of it rather than in thinking and learning aspects.

While during the Dark Ages there was very little development of science in Europe (although too much military development), saw the Arab world during the period of their age from the edge of the light and scientific.

The area of artificial intelligence is among those with higher education, including the creation of the concept of life and robot programmed alchemy. Since then the level of advances has been increasing fast, up to our days. Today it is reasonable to understand a humanoid robot, able to perform the related tasks as a human being, with cognitive purposes and able to learn on the way.

We believe that understanding and improving the brain is the next revolutionary step-change in the world will have, and we work every day not only to be part of the revolution but most of all to create it.