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Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Burke

Teeth whitening by the dentist is certainly the best way to get that beautiful smile. Professional techniques whiten teeth in no time and the effects last longer than home remedies, you can easily transform your look with professional teeth whitening.

However, for customers on a budget, homemade DIY supplies offer a possible solution for short-term teeth whitening.

There are several professional whitening procedures such as Over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, home-use dental products, laser teeth whitening, the charging crib method, and the office whitening method. Dentists prefer to use peroxide-based chemicals as a whitening treatment. The following is a brief overview of these treatments.

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  • A commercially available bleach system

There are many options such as toothpaste, gel brush, whitening strips, sprays, and many more. They can be used at home following the printed instructions. This is a less expensive method and will give results after a long period of use.

  • Products distributed by dentists for home use

This is the Loaded Tray method. Dentists put urea peroxide, a strong whitener, into a special tray and glue it to the gums. Bleach reacts with saliva, releasing hydrogen peroxide and whitening teeth for two to three weeks.

  • Office Whitening – Laser Teeth Whitening System

Here the bleach is applied directly to the teeth which are combined with a laser to achieve a fast reaction between the teeth and the whitener. It is the most expensive teeth whitening treatment available today and the effects last for four to five years.