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How Do Charities Make Money?

When you walk in the door after a long day at work, more often than not, you may discover a small pile of post on your doormat. You can also look for the foundation of animal care and education by clicking at

A similar approach is often taken in terms of human poverty appeals illustrating in no uncertain terms the plight that many people endure on a daily basis around the world.

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Direct Contact

Direct approaches can often be rebuffed out of hand as yet another drain on one's financial resources but this is tempered through reciprocal giving.

Direct mail takes a similar approach with giveaways in the post including pens, window stickers, and paper stickers to help the donor illustrate to others their commitment to a particular charity, simultaneously providing widespread advertising to those the donor comes into contact with.

Charities often use the direct mail approach as the most personal, tangible way of connecting with potential new donors although many other methods are also utilized including the aforementioned TV adverts, online banners on appropriately sympathetic websites, and among others.

Charity events are proving to be increasingly popular and seem to be on an exponential upward curve with nationwide coordinated events such as the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research San Diego.