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Himalayan Salt for Your Home

When you start looking for Pink Himalayan salt, do not look for the color pink flakes. Remember that Himalayan salt is a natural product from the Himalayas, and Himalayan crystals have no color.

There are many types of pink salt. The good news is, the most popular pink salt variety is still made with pure Himalayan salt.

Color is almost unnoticeable on Himalayan salt. The salt crystals appear as a very light shade of pink when you hold them close to the light.

Pink salt is often sold in tubs or small pots. For example, there is a Himalayan pink salt that is very small and rectangular shaped that can be used in a dessert, or any other type of baking dish. If you have an ocean-front view of the ocean and would like to use the pink salt on the beach, you could add salt crystals to the beach in the form of tiny rocks.

Another alternative way to use pink salt is to use the pink salt crystals as decorations for holiday cookie dough. This is a favorite treat among many young children, since the salt crystal is shaped in many different shapes.

This is a great decoration for the holidays, or just because! In fact, they are sometimes included in decorative bowls, and they look especially good in such bowls.

Crystals come in all colors, but they are most commonly found in shades of green, gold, and dark blue. They may also be found in black, gray, or brown.

The best Himalayan pink salt will be bleached with an electrostatic treatment. The bleaching process makes the crystals look brighter and more vibrant. The result is that the color is more intense and therefore more noticeable.

Chandeliers are another great addition to any home, and this is an excellent way to use Himalayan salt for such a craft. Using salt crystal is so much fun, and is truly a delight for the eye. It has always been believed that Himalayan crystals are responsible for the glowing blue light of the gem, called the Blue Lotus gemstone.

If you like the sound of chandeliers, and want to use Himalayan salt, you could make your own using the crystals that you have collected. You could make the chandelier as part of your holiday decorating or simply use it for fun.

However you decide to use the pink salt for a chandelier, make sure that you do not go overboard with your use of the crystals. As with anything that you use, a little goes a long way.

One last thought on how to use Himalayan salt for your home, the next time you want to sprinkle a little something on your favorite kind of cake, think about using pink salt. You will enjoy the reaction when you do!