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Get Report For Your Vehicle

Buying a used car is a great way to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new car. However, buying the wrong vehicle and running into significant problems can quickly turn into a nightmare.

A simple solution to understanding a vehicle's report is to obtain a vehicle history report, which includes detailed information on its maintenance records, accident reports, ownership transfers, and a host of other important data, all of which are needed to make an informed decision. You can get a complete vehicle report via

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To prevent buying a car that is being sold under false pretenses, the Vehicle History Report, also known as the "History and Condition Report", shows whether the car you are trying to buy is a lot or money. Each vehicle is manufactured with a vehicle identification number or VIN, which is located on the driver's side or on the door clamp on the driver's side. This is all you need to get a vehicle history report.

The report shows if it is classified as a stolen vehicle by the police if it has had a serious accident or has done some kind of maintenance/bodywork. It also lists flooding or environmental damage to the vehicle, or if specified by the manufacturer as a "lemon" vehicle. A lemon car is defined as a car that has too many significant engines, body, computer, and/or transmission problems and is not worth repairing.